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    I am over satisfied with my experience with Cabanon Fortin. This is my 2nd personal 5th if you include my parents cabane from them and each time they have exceeded our expectations. Their customer service is the best you will find; they went above and beyond to keep me a happy client. And not to be unmentioned, my cabane is absolutely gorgeous and I know that it will look just as good 10 years from now-and probably even more. My parents cabane was installed 15 years ago and it looks brand new.

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    Everyone from the guys who did the rocks on the floor to the guys who set up the house in like 1 hour were extremely happy and smiling. This is very rare in a business and you could tell they all enjoy there job. We had one vinyl that had a scratch and they took care of it asap, We didn't even see them come and fix it thats how fast they were. Great team great company. Its nice to see mom and pop places still around and that excellent service is given.

    You have come to the right place

    I highly recommend everyone come here for the price and quality. I did my research and they were the best price from far but even if they are a little more you are getting the price of an amazing team and customer service. Thank you again and it shows why you guys have 5 stars. I also wrote a post on my wall but was only able to tag the old page but it redirects here. Great job on the cabano you built for my mother, she was very pleased with the service and the advice they provided her, Thank you Fortin team for helping MMe Barone.

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